Building a Sustainable Future

2:09 PM August 27, 2009

AT&T just released its 2008 Citizen and Sustainability Report - 'Connecting for a Sustainable Future', indicating increased social and environmental investments despite the economic downturn. It is an important report which highlights how this corporation is helping to strengthen education and workforce readiness, build communities and increase its own sustainable operations. The report sets a high bar for all of us, for we are all one community, and the strength of each buoys the strength of all of us.    

If we are going to be part of the economic recovery, we all need to participate, and we need to participate together.  This means large and small corporations, government and associations must work together to find true economic solutions. If our education system fails, our businesses will suffer; if lending options fail, investment in business growth will fail and our economy will continue to falter; if vehicles such as full broadband deployment are stymied, then advancements in telemedicine and other innovation will be put aside and healthcare reform will lose a valuable component. 

This is a challenging time, but with challenge comes opportunity and leaders emerge. Congratulations AT&T on implementing a vision for growth that addresses national challenges, WIPP is proud to partner with you. 



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