WIPP Takes On Bill Shock

12:34 PM February 9, 2011

Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) is urging the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to empower consumers with educated choices and take a cautious approach to the issue of bill shock. The FCC is debating regulations that would require wireless carriers to provide customers with a standardized alert of overages. Consumers would be notified of overage or usage charges electronically in real time rather than being surprised to see them when their bill arrives. Yesterday WIPP submitted its comments to the FCC as part of the government agency's rule making process.

"My company could not survive without the services provided by wireless technology," said Karen Maples, Founder and President of Myutiq LLC, an innovation strategy consulting firm. "It's also imperative to manage our costs. We do that by understanding our typical monthly usage and making sure we subscribe to plans that match our needs. Overregulation is not the solution. Education and access to usage management tools that allow us to make informed decisions is what we want."

WIPP believes that the best course of action is to educate consumers with informed choices rather than impose regulations that could have unintentional consequences for small businesses and consumers. Given the frenetic pace at which wireless technology, devices and service plans are evolving, the rules that the FCC is proposing could end up being a bigger problem than bill shock. Empowering consumers with knowledge of the issue is the best way to regulate wireless carrier behavior.


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