WIPP Partners with Key4Women

1:08 PM April 26, 2011

I'm excited to announce WIPP's new partnership with KeyBank's Key4Women program. Key4Women will be partnering with WIPP's Women Accessing Capital program to help women-owned businesses better understand the process of obtaining financing. Together, these programs will seek to inform women about legislation directly impacting their businesses and provide financial education associated with acquiring funding, a combination that aims to support women in business with the resources essential to business growth.

In conjunction with WIPP's goal to make securing capital an easier and more transparent process, Key4Women will host webinars and local seminars on topics such fraud prevention, courage and leadership, SBA loans, venture capital and angel investing, and capital expenditures. Also, WIPP will connect our Instant Impact leaders across the country with Key4Women's programming and vice versa so that members of both organizations can benefit from the resources, information and connections being shared.

Key4Women was founded by Maria Coyne, Executive Vice President of the Business Banking segment at KeyBank. Maria offers financial advice for women in her monthly blog, Maria on Money, and is responsible for KeyBank's SBA program.


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