Bloomberg Opens Eyes to the Gender Bias in Executive Pay

10:22 AM April 10, 2012

Bloomberg's William McQuillen and Danielle Ivory published "Gender Gap Tops $1 Million for Executive Pay at Lobbying Groups" on 3/28/2012. It was a real eye-opener to the gender bias in executive pay. As an executive who head's up a major trade group, I can tell you that the skill required to be a power broker in Washington is identical, whether male and female just the same as a corporate CEO. Yet, "the average annual compensation of the women who lead four of the capital's most politically active industry groups lags behind that of male peers by more than $1 million... 57 cents for every dollar earned by a man. "So, I ask you, are these trade groups that we want to support with our hard earned dollars? This is a must-read article! And, please, join WIPP's Talk to Us, and spread the word to make our campaign a movement. A couple of people together can definitely take action, but a coalition of like minds can make change. #talktous

Barbara Kasoff, President, Women Impacting Public Policy


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