What is spectrum, and why do I care?

11:20 AM September 28, 2012

i read a great definition on the broadband.gov site that you should take a few minutes to read because it is important to your business.  Allow me to excerpt a few relevant points:

That last sentence that I put in bold is the important one for us! Can we as business owners who use the internet day in and day out to research, to innovate, to help grow our businesses be limited because there is not adequate spectrum?   I think not!

Virtually everyone - industry experts, telecommunications companies, policy makers, and the FCC itself - has acknowledged that the looming spectrum crisis must be avoided.  But solutions, especially fast solutions, have been hard to come by.  FCC Chair Genachowski recently reiterated his commitment to clearing spectrum for auction, but also made the point that this was merely one part of the solution to our country's spectrum challenges.

This is a business issue we must pay attention to.  For most of us, it is not, at first glance, a priority issue.   However - once things start slowing down, once access is not as easy or as readily available, this issue will rise quickly on our priority lists.  Lets not wait until it is a crisis.  It's time to pay attention now.


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