AT&T Aspire Mentoring Academy: 1 Million Hours, Unlimited Potential

12:43 PM October 5, 2012

Most of us can identify a mentor who has helped us foster important skill sets during difficult periods in our lives. WIPP is proud to support AT&T a valued WIPP partner - with the launch of Aspire Mentoring Academy. Aspire Mentoring Academy will offer AT&T employees three different ways to mentor students across the country that are at risk of dropping out of school:

Aspire Job Marketing: Building on AT&T's job shadow program, employees share life experiences and career advice through project-based activities during the workday.

Aspire Skills Mentoring: Employees share academic and life skills with students through self-planned or organized activities in schools and in the community.

Aspire e-Mentoring: Utilizing technology, employees share math skills and their relevance in the real world through online mentoring, starting in a San Francisco Bay Area pilot program and expanding next year.

AT&T Aspire has put together this key engagement program with a $350 million commitment focused on a high school success leading to college and career readiness. With this support of AT&T employees, they can provide students with 1 million hours of mentoring.

Aspire Mentoring Academy provides the opportunity for employees to help students stay on track to graduate high school and succeed in college, the workforce and beyond. WIPP is excited to promote this fantastic program that AT&T Aspire has worked so hard to put together.

For more information about the Aspire Mentoring Academy, click here.


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