Small Business Employees Should Know: Texting and Driving Don't Mix

11:59 AM October 4, 2012


By Barbara Kasoff

Sixteen years ago this week, the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety launched Drive Safely Work Week, an annual campaign designed to remind employees about the importance of safe driving practices and to raise awareness of this crucial issue.

Since then, our cars have changed and new technologies have made instant communication a regular part of daily life, making safe driving messages more important than ever. That's why at WIPP we're excited to announce during this year's Drive Safely Work Week our own initiative to keep employees safe behind the wheel - the It Can Wait Small Business Program.

As you may know, we've been actively involved in AT&T's It Can Wait no texting and driving campaign, which has grown into a national movement working toward making texting while driving a thing of the past. We've urged our members and readers to visit to take the pledge to never text and drive, and clearly they - along with many others - have listened: to date, more than 1 million people have taken the pledge to never text and drive.

In collaboration with AT&T, we're taking our efforts up a notch through our It Can Wait Small Business program, which will focus on spreading this life-saving messaging to small business across the country. Our goal is to reach 2 million small business owners with the It Can Wait Message in 2012 and 10 million by 2013.

We know we can accomplish the goal - and save lives - by educating, motivating and activating key small business stakeholders and small businesses across the country in support of the It Can Wait movement. We'll be engaging state and local organizations including Chambers of Commerce and encouraging local leaders to become It Can Wait spokespeople in their communities. Social media will also play a key role in amplifying these initiatives and raising awareness.

We'll also help interested businesses implement their own corporate policies against texting and driving, and guide them as to how they set expectations for safe driving on and off the job. We'll borrow from AT&T's It Can Wait guide for businesses, to help business owners understand the importance of a safe driving policy. You too can help us spread this important message: take the pledge to never text and drive at, share it with your friends, family, and colleagues - anyone you care about - to keep our roads and communities safe. Together we can create a world where texting while driving is a thing of the past.




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