Women CEOs Make A Difference To Women Entrepreneurs

4:53 PM February 11, 2013

It is a huge accomplishment to have a woman CEO named by Lockheed Martin. When the commitment to women comes from the top, change occurs and that is particularly true for our women entrepreneurs. Becoming CEO was a natural progression for Marillyn Hewson. Since joining the firm in 1983 she led one of Lockheed's most profitable units and accounted for more revenue than many Fortune 500 companies. Ms. Hewson has a reputation of listening to Lockheed Martins' marketplace, the customer and the suppliers.


WIPP is poised, through its members and friends, to deliver messages to her that there are legions of qualified businesses owned and run by woemn that are capable of supporting Lockheed Martin's stability and growth projections in the federal marketplace.


The tipping point for women in federal contracting is now. Through WIPP's partnership with the SBA to help women secure federal contracts under the WOSB program, WIPP is hopeful that the government-wide goal of awarding 5% of federal contracts to WOSBs is met. There are a plethora of free resources when it comes to doing business with the government, including programs like WIPP's Give Me 5, an initiative and website for women-owned businesses seeking federal contracts created jointly by WIPP and American Express OPEN.


In addition to Ms. Hewson in the CEO office at Lockheed Martin, both Boeing and Northrop Grumman are advancing women into executive positions.



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