Money, Brains and Broadband: What thriving 21st century communities need

11:08 AM July 18, 2013

          Did you know that there are more internet-connected gadgets that people in the U.S.? Well, that is the news coming from Carbon War Room, 2013. This statistics gives us an idea about how people communicate now. Additionally, it was proven through a survey that people feel connected and productive by using gadgets on the go. About 1/3 of the businesses in the U.S. utilize broadband technology. The ones that are not utilizing the broadband technology are losing about $ 300,000 in annual revenue.

          Another interesting fact to know is that nearly half of all U.S. homes have at least one tablet and those tablets are connected to 330 million wireless devices nation-wide. Since video traffic is expected to increase exponentially, the booming market of tablets will be playing a crucial role as the video data traffic flow from tablets continues to grow. With all these facts, we need to keep in mind that aside from revenues, jobs are being created in high-tech as well.As Diane Smith, American Rural's Founder and CEO, said " Entrepreneurship works 24/7 wherever they are and whatever they are doing. It could be a coffee shop, home, malls or even while playing golf".  

          We need to make sure that our policymakers and thought leaders understand how we are affected by everything from broadband deployment and energy to entrepreneurship strategies. They should keep in mind that jobs are created primarily by entrepreneurial businesses that are less than five years old.


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