Kaiser Health News answers questions on the latest delay in ACA implementation

3:47 PM February 13, 2014

On Monday the Obama administration announced another delay in rolling out the Affordable Care Act, weakening the requirement to offer coverage next year for large employers and postponing it for smaller ones. There have been other delays in health-law implementation. What's different about this one?

This is the second big change to rules for employers. The ACA requirement for employers with at least 50 workers to offer minimum coverage - or pay a fine -- was supposed to take effect in January. But after hearing complaints from business, the administration said last summer it would wait until 2015 to penalize employers that didn't offer coverage. Now the administration has moved the deadlines again. Companies with 50 to 99 employees won't have to offer minimum coverage until 2016. And companies with at least 100 employees are required to offer minimum coverage to only 70 percent of their workers in 2015, down from a previous target of 95 percent.  

WIPP recommends you check out the Kaiser Health News Afternoon report. The report answers questions on the latest delay in ACA implementation.  It has excellent information for women entrepreneurs


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