Nearly Three-Quarters of Consumers Think Government Should Not Be Involved in the Evolution of the Internet and Mobile Broadband Networks: CTIA Releases Results on Mobile Wireless Service Survey

2:03 PM February 2, 2015


According to a Mobile Wireless Service Survey (PDF) released by CTIA-The Wireless Association, only six percent of Americans think the federal government should decide what new options and services wireless carriers and app providers make available, while nearly three-quarters (73 percent) say the government should be less involved in mobile broadband and Internet networks as they grow and evolve.

With the growing debate around net neutrality - whether all traffic on the internet should be treated the same way or allow service provides the ability to charge to prioritize certain internet traffic to customers - this survey, conducted by TechnoMetrica, provides some interesting insight as to how American's uniquely view mobile services.

Only 16 percent of Americans believe that government regulation should treat mobile services exactly the same as wired services. Meanwhile, 66 percent agree that any rules placed on mobile services must take into account today's wireless technologies and competitive mobile landscape as opposed to imposing new regulations on providers.

Take a look at this infographic by CTIA highlighting consumer perspectives -

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