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 By Lynn Bunim


"The prevailing myth that only large companies can and should export has been loudly debunked: a 2010 survey showed that small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) accounted for an overwhelming 98 percent of all exporting companies," wrote Barbara Kasoff , President and CEO, WIPP in the most recent edition of enterprisingWomen, (Vol.14, No. 1, 2013).  Exporting SMEs outperform their competitors with higher revenues, faster revenue growth and higher labor productivity.


Exporting offers tremendous potential and opportunity for millions of women-owned businesses.  Is it time to consider your business for exporting?  Are you ready to take your spot in the global marketplace?


Last year WIPP launched its program ExportNOW to educate women entrepreneurs about the vast potential for enterprise that exists beyond our borders.  To accomplish this, WIPP partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative as a 2012 Commitment to Action, with a commitment to open the doors to exporting for more than 5,000 women entrepreneurs.  For more on our partnership, please read the press release here.


WIPP has developed a series of webinars to support its participation in ExportNOW.  Our first webinar, "Export 101," with the Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration, was an important step in education women-owned businesses about the basics of export.  Our second webinar featured Dario Gomez, associate administrator at the Small Business Administration's Office of International Trade.  You can find the presentations as well as a podcast of the webinars here.


Please click here for a calendar of upcoming webinars and/or register.


For more information, please visit our ExportNOW page or call WIPP, (415) 434-4314.



How Do You Say Pickle in Chinese?

4:46 PM November 28, 2012

 By Ann Sulivan, WIPP Government Relations

Recently, I had the privilege to participate in a White House Business Council meeting focusing on the fiscal cliff. After briefings from Jeffery Ziets, the Obama Administration's point man on the federal budget, and Alan Krueger, Chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers, our group broke into smaller sessions. Since increasing women exporters is a WIPP priority, the session led by Chairman and President of the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank, Fred Hochberg caught my attention.

According to Chairman Hochberg's numbers, the Ex-Im Bank exceeded expectations in 2012 by financing over $35 billion in exports - a new record. That support translated to $50 billion in export sales, more than 250,000 American jobs in over 3000 companies covering every sector of commerce. More importantly, $6 billion flowed directly to small businesses while finance authorization to women-owned and minority-owned businesses affected in the FY 2012 Ex-Im Bank Annual Report - and you might be surprised at just which businesses are getting involved with export.

When I asked Mr. Hochberg for some advice to interest women business owners in exporting, he offered this example: "Miss Jenny's Pickles" is a women-owned small business (and I mean small - they only have 4 full time employees) in North Carolina that was not the most likely company to think about exporting in a tough economy. As the story goes, the owners approached Mr. Hochberg after he gave the presentation on exporting. And grow they did - selling more and more pickles to a surprising place. China.

By partnering with resources available to everyone (for free) - from the Small Business Administration to the Commerce Department, Ex-Im Bank and North Carolina's Department of Agriculture, their pickles - available in four flavors - are finding consumers not just in Tennessee and Virginia, but Beijing and Shanghai. The revenues have allowed for growth, and it all began with an export business plan and some help from the government.

Fred Hochberg's big takeaway: if a pickle company in North Carolina can do it, so can you. Ex-Im Bank is used to working with small businesses and offers insurance against receivables. The Bank doesn't lend - it guaruntees financing, assisting businesses in obtaining capital.

WIPP's ExportNOW program, launched last month is just getting started with webinars and information to assist you in becoming an exporter.

The global economy awaits. And by the way, pickle is 泡菜.

Last week marked the 5th Annual Global Entrepreneurship Week, celebrating the growing interconnected marketplace in which we all work. The Small Business Administration (SBA), aligned the goals of that week - international trade and cooperation - to one of the Obama Administration, the National Export Initiative (NEI). The NEI is the driving force behind the goal to double American exports by 2015.

The SBA's International Trade Office is focused on making America's small businesses a key part of that growth in export. The most recent post, commenting on Global Entrepreneurship Week, talks about the many resources available for small businesses. Click here to find the article.

WIPP has started its own educational and outreach export component, ExportNOW - linking women-owned businesses to the knowledge and resources to be successful exporting companies. Check out the ExportNOW tab on the WIPP website with resources and links to help your business begin exporting.

There are tremendous business opportunities in both imports and exports, and those opportunities have continued to grow since November 2010. Do you know how to take advantage of import-export opportunities to grow your business? Maria Coyne, Executive Vice President, Business Banking Segment Head, Key Community Banking, offers advice, resources, and tips for getting started in her latest blog post, "International News, International Opportunities."




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