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The National Women's Business Council, NWBC, announced  it's  latest research  on government performance and trends in procurement for women owned small businesses.  While the good news is that  WOSBs received an increasing share of contracts, the bad news is that they remain underrepresented in terms of awards share and on average awards remain lower than those of other small businesses.

 If you will recall, in 2000 the Equity for Contracting for Women Act confirmed the target goal of 5% of federal contracts and award dollars to women-owned small businesses (WOSB).   It took more then a decade of hard work by WIPP and the women's business community - until 2011 - to have the WOSB Federal Procurement Program implemented to reduce the lasting inequity in contract and award distribution of prime federal contracts to WOSBs.  83 NAICS codes (industries) were designated in the Program in which WOSBs are underrepresented.   The research provides  new info graphic showing the impact of the program as well as general trends.  

Clearly, our work is not done.    To help support the procurement growth the WOSBs, the SBA, American Express OPEN and WIPP launched ChallengeHER, a national initiative aimed at boosting government contract opportunities.   The program offers free events and workshops across the country, an online curriculum and resources, mentoring opportunities and access to government buyers and prime contractors.  Check out the ChallengeHER website at

NWBC Commemorates Veterans Day

10:51 AM November 11, 2013

The National Women's Business Council , NWBC, is commemorating Veterans Day by highlighting findings about women business owners and serving as a resource for women veterans during the 2013 Women Veterans Entrepreneur Conference hosted by Count Me In.  Count Me In is a national not-for-profit provider of resources, business education, and community support for women entrepreneurs. NWBC Council Chair, Carla Harris stated,   "It is our mission to provide sound research to expand and improve opportunities for women-owned businesses to thrive. " The National Women Business Council's research serves as a resource for women entrepreneurs to advance by providing a platform to drive policy initiatives and private sector innovations.  WIPP National Partner and Board of Director member, Magdalah Silva, serves on the Council representing Women Impacting Public Policy, WIPP.  Click here to see their statement.




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