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WIPP, The Center for Women's Business Research, The National Women's Business Council and Walmart announced exciting new data at the Economic Summit on Friday, October 2nd.

  • If women-owned businesses were their own country, they would have the 5th largest GDP in the world, ahead of countries, including France, the United Kingdom and Italy.
  • If women-owned businesses were their own country, they would have a greater GDP than Canada, India and Vietnam COMBINED.
  • Women-owned firms have a total economic impact of $3 trillion, including creating and/or maintaining 23 million jobs, 16% of the total workforce.

The economic impact analysis explains the direct, indirect, and induced economic impact of women-owned businesses nationwide.  Moving well beyond the traditional number of women-owned firms, industries, and revenue levels, this research takes things to the next level by analyzing the economic ripple effect of the women-owned business communiety, i.e. what their direct spending is in addition to subsequent spending by their suppliers and employees.  

The survey data provides:

  • industry specific data that can be used for programming and public policy;
  • data that can drive private and public investments; and
  • data that can illuminate the true production capacity of women-owned firms.

The objective of this important research was to broadly quantify the economic contributions of women-owned firms and is unprecedented.  This is the first time that this type of analysis has been undertaken for women-owned firms in the nation and the results will have significant and wide-ranging impact for policymaking, economic development, and private investment focused on women business owners and their communities.  Please go to and for further information and for a video recording.



Where are the women CEOs?

8:18 PM February 22, 2009

I really love Susan Solovic's, (CEO of blog on the Huffington Post.   I am a huge fan of hers - she is an astute business owner, tuned in more than anyone I know to small business, and full of incredible common sense and advice.  And, she is a national founding partner of WIPP, and Chair of WIPP's Executive Advisory Board. was honored to be one of 10 firms that represent the next wave of groundbreaking technology.   No doubt about that - SBTV is one of the most creative and extraordinary commmunicators found on the web today, and I was thrilled to see them achieve this recognition.  

As is usually the case, though, Susan took the opportunity to raise an important issue - was the only company led by a female CEO.  While women have made remarkable achievements and experienced great successes, they still have yet to achieve parity - particularly in the high tech industry.   We're gaining ground, slowly - just not fast enough.     While women are frequent and experienced users of technology - they are not leading the companies that are breaking ground.

It is time to change that.   What can we do to make that happen?   How can we help women move to the next level in high tech?  

Make Mine a Million Race

7:10 PM January 11, 2009

     I just saw the blog written by Nell Merlino, CEO of Make Mine a Million, an initiative of Count-Me-In and its Founding Partner, OPEN.   In the blog she talks about what it takes to pitch your business.    Make Mine a Million has launched a race for those women business owners who want to grow their business.   You can set your own goal - but the important thing is that you are making a commitment to grow your business.   It is, for sure, a tough time to make a commitment to grow your business, but not impossible, and women across the country are making this pledge.    We are optimists - where others are paralyzed, we are energized - and the numbers joining the race substantiate this.    What is really so great about it is that making the commitment, and succeeding, is good not only for you, but for the economy.   Our country needs you now!

     In the blog, Nell asked readers to answer one question:   "if you found yourself in an elevator with the investor, client, or employee of your dreams, could you pitch you business in the three minutes it took to get you to the top?"    With the economic situation as grave as it is today, we ask you what you would ask President-Elect Obama or a member of Congress for to successfully run and grow your business.

     It is important to be able to answer that question.   WIPP, together with Count-Me-In,, WLE, WPO and WBENC joined together to publish an Economic Blueprint which is a call to action on the issues that are critically important to running your business.   Take a few minutes to look at the Blueprint - tell us what you think.



Michelle Obama speaks to WIPP Members

6:56 PM January 27, 2008

   Michelle Obama spoke to WIPP members in its launch of the WIPP We Decide! Presidential Power Team series!

   During the call, Obama spoke about her trek as a successful attorney and  civic leader, and how she has learned to balance workand family on the campaign trail.   She also discussed her husband's candidacy, his goals and stance on issues relatvant to women entrepreneurs growing their business.

   Click here to listen to the podcast on




9:32 PM January 25, 2008


WIPP Featured on SBTV daily news 

Senator Claire McCaskill Addresses WIPP Instant Impact Team in St. Louis

Michelle Obama Participates in WIPP's We Decide! Presidential Power Team Series

Judith McHale, former President and CEO of Discovery Communications, Inc. and Chair of Women's Business Council for Hillary for President, speaks with WIPP's Presidential Power Team




WIPP media partner, the premiere web source for small business video news and information, is taking it a step further with its new interactive community site.  "It's YouTube meets MySpace, with a purpose," says CEO Susan Wilson Solovic.  "We've created a place where small business owners can really connect with one another to share and exchange ideas.  And through our interactive community features we'll be able to gauge what topics and issues are most important to our viewers.  This will allow us to tailor our resources to help provide viewers with the solutions they are looking for to manage and grow their businesses."

The first step to joining the community is to create a member profile which will showcase your business or expertise.  Once a member, you can visit the community forum area to pose and answer question and start discussion groups on business topics that interest you.  There is a designated WIPP forum specifically for WIPP members to keep up with important initiatives and discuss the issues.   As a member, you can post a blog as often as you have something to say.  I along with the WIPP team blog often in the community.  Also, you will have the chance to be interviewed by one of's business journalists for an audio podcast which will be featured on and available for your profile and your own business or professional website. I will also be using the community podcast feature to discuss WIPP news.





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