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Seniors On Social Media?! Uh Oh.

4:41 PM May 20, 2010

I recently read an article by Andrea Brands, Director of Public Affairs for AT&T titled "They Do What? Where?", and I have to say - the article not only deeply resonated with me, but also made me laugh out loud.

Andrea uses humor to describe the ever increasing number of seniors turning to the internet for professional, social and life-empowering tools. Statistics show that broadband usage for seniors ages 65 and older is currently at 30 percent (end of 2009) - an overall increase of 58 percent in just one year.

I am a proud Grandmother myself - and a proud social media user as well. The younger American population is oftentimes horrified to find that Granny not only is on Facebook (for example) and other social media outlets - but is MORE active than their grandchildren! Especially important to this new statistic is older Americans' use of telemedicine - revitalizing the healthcare delivery system in many capacities.

As a result of this tremendous growth, online safety for seniors is more important than ever. AT&T recognized this need, and has developed literature, educational programs, and resource guides connecting users to government agences and organizations. WIPP is proud to partner with AT&T as telecommunications, in particular broadband, is one of the main policy issues we focus on.

Now excuse me - I have to go tweet about this.





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