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Tough going!

9:38 PM October 23, 2007

  A quick update on my earlier post "Government Run Amok!" - wanted to call attention to what people have been saying, and providing some followup media coverage on the DPUC decision.

   The Communications Workers of America Local 1298 organized a rally in Hartford - both AT&T and the union have been lobbying state officials to fight the cable television license requirement.

   The Day ran a well-written editorial that highlights many of the implications of the ruling - lost jobs, fewer consumer options, and higher service prices.   Also, the Hartford Courant featured some relevant letters to the editor, criticizing the constraint on cable competition.

   We know that you share our concerns about restrictive government regulations that limit business competition, growth and innovation, so we'll continue to keep you updated and informed about this developing issue.

Government Run Amok!

5:51 PM October 19, 2007

   I wanted to call your attention to an issue in Connecticut that has alarming implications for small businesses - and is a glaring example of government run amok!


   In a surprising announcement, the state's Department of Public Utility Control ,(DPUC) rejected AT&T's applicaiton to continue to provide its new video service, AT&T U-verse TV.  If this ruling is not reversed, it has the potential of costing jobs and much needed investments - not to mention that countless households will no longer have a choice in video service.


   As small business owners, we understand first hand how government regulations should encourage competition - not discourage it.   Government should create a healthy environment so all companies flourish.   Businesses and consumers benefit by more innovation and competitive pricing that follows.  


   We strongly encourage the DPUC and the Connecticut Attorney General to reverse course on this issue.   Read what others are saying here.




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