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Piggybacking on my earlier post on internet taxes, a related issue, is curently being debated in Cook County, Illinois.

County commissioners are considering a $4 per month tax hike on every phone line - including data lines, fax lines and mobile phones!  What is especially frustrating about this is that consumers in Cook County already see an average of 25% of their phone bills eaten up by state, federal and local taxes and fees. This would jump to 40% with this huge new tax!

At WIPP, we are of course especially concerned about this tax's impact on small businesses. As a small business owner, consider your own situation and what impact this would have on your own bottom line. A small business with office lines and mobile phones for 50 employees, plus a few fax lines and data service would face an increase of nearly $8,000 per year! That's the difference between offering health insurance to support staff or making investments to benefit the business. 

In this global economy, companies - both large and small - have choices of where they want to locate. Here at WIPP, we feel that this is an anti-business tax that will send companies fleeing to other counties, states and even countries. This proposed tax puts the burden directly on the backs of small businesses, the very same businesses that have brought jobs and economic development to both the city and the county.

Instead of crippling businesses, we must instead work together to maintain an environment that allows small businesses to flourish, yielding long-term benefits for everyone.

UPDATE: I want to encourage everyone to get involved in this issue -- by visiting, you can learn more about the proposed Cook County tax and take action. From this site you can e-mail the Commissioners and tell them why the phone tax is bad for Cook County, bad for you, and bad for your business! Share this site and help spread the word! 




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