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Following on my previous post "Looking into the Future," I wanted to call your attention to an issue currently being debated in the Wisconsin State Legislature. The Legislature is considering the Wisconsin Video Competition Act (AB 207);  this is historic legislation that can open cable TV to real competition for the first time. The Wisconsin Assembly and the Senate have already passed this landmark bill and now it is back in the Assembly for a final concurrence vote.

Passage of the Wisconsin Video Competition Act will give Wisconsinites an improved broadband network by allowing telecommunication companies, such as AT&T and Verizon, to use broadband lines to sell video services.  This creates an enormous incentive to attract investment dollars, investment that will improve existing lines and put new broadband lines in the ground.

WIPP supports this legislation because it is directly relevant to the economic health and well-being of our members. A recent study conducted by the Center for Women's Business Research found that more than three-quarters of women business owners are looking for reliable technology solutions that can help them increase the efficiencies in their businesses. 

As women and minority business owners we know how important reliable technology is; I want to encourage everyone to get involved in this issue.  By visiting TV4US Wisconsin you can learn more about this legislation and take action. From this site you can e-mail the Legislature and tell them why the Wisconsin Video Competition Act is good for Wisconsin, good for you and good for your business! Share this site and help spread the word! 




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